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Sewer Line Replacement | Faucet Repair and Installation | Baseboard Heating Services | Massapequa ParkThe cold weather takes a toll on the plumbing of your home, increasing the risk of freezing pipes, flooding and other complications that commonly occur during the winter. Fortunately, there are certain preventive services for your plumbing and heating systems that can help protect your home.

Our comprehensive winterization services prepare your home for the winter season and help prevent severe damage that will end up costing you valuable time and money down the road.

We cover all of the potential problem areas in your home or commercial space by insulating any exposed water pipes, draining outdoor water pipes, evaluating the heating system, and completely winterizing the entire system if necessary. These professional preventive services will help keep your home safe and warm during the cold winter months, or prevent a vacant home from being damaged.

Snow Melt Systems

Snow melt systems help to significantly reduce the amount of shoveling needed for your residential or commercial property by heating your driveway, walkway, stairs or other cemented outdoor area. The heat produced by these advanced systems can effectively melt snow to reduce or eliminate snow removal costs and substantially increase safety and convenience. Hydronic snow melt is a great way to add lots of value and the ultimate in convenience to your home or business.

Snow melt systems are usually installed when doing new concrete work, and can even be installed only in problem areas. They turn on automatically, only when necessary, to help further reduce maintenance costs and make this advanced technology well worth your money. Snow melt systems also help eliminate the potential damage to concrete that may be caused by heavy-duty snow removal equipment. One of our professionals will determine the most efficient system for you after an evaluation of your property.

Baseboard Heating Services

 Baseboard Heating Services Massapequa ParkBaseboard heating is one of the most common types of heat used in homes and commercial properties across the US. Located close to the floor, these tubes placed in metal cases allow heat to transfer directly through designated slats to warm the air from below. Many of our customers choose baseboard heating for new or remodeled homes, while others seek updates for their current systems.

We provide comprehensive baseboard heating services for all residential and commercial properties, including installation, removal, relocation and repair. Our team is fully licensed and experienced in baseboard heating, and can effectively troubleshoot any problem you may be experiencing to ensure that your heating system runs smoothly and safely, especially during the cold winter months.

Sewer Line Replacement and Repair

The repair and replacement of the drainage system is a common problem in homes. Older homes, built before a type of PVC piping was approved for use, are especially susceptible to corroding cast iron waste piping. The majority of waste piping can now be done in this type of PVC piping. If necessary, we can make repairs to existing cast iron waste piping and sewer lines. Where required, we can also install new cast iron waste piping or sewer lines.

In order to begin the replacement or repair of the sewer line, a trench must be dug around the current pipe, exposing it. The repairs may then commence. If necessary, an entirely new pipe is laid in where the old one was, or relocated if the situation requires. The pitch and grade of the replacement piping must be meticulously observed during the installation. We adhere to all local regulations regarding depth and pitch. DeVictoria Plumbing fully guarantees any replacement or repair work we perform to your sewer lines and waste piping.

Faucet Repair and Installation

Faucet Repair and Installation Massapequa ParkA leaking faucet is very common. Most faucets are easily repaired. In some instances, the faucet may need to be replaced. We carry most replacement parts on our trucks, and can usually immediately repair a leaking faucet. We also carry standard replacement faucets, should your faucet require immediate replacement.

After many years of repairing and installing faucets, our professionals at DeVictoria Plumbing, will gladly share our expertise and help you choose a new faucet, if necessary. Or perhaps we can assist you in securing a warranty item from a manufacturer. Either way, any faucet installed by a licensed master plumber ensures the manufacturer’s warranty remains intact. All our faucet repair services are performed by a highly skilled and experienced team. We repair all sorts of faucets, whether it is American or European, standard or one of a kind, we have worked on many. We ensure that your faucet is working at its best. Our services are professional yet affordable.

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