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DeVictoria Plumbing and Heating Massapequa Park

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DeVictoria Plumbing and Heating Massapequa Park  


Plumbing Basics

Gas Dryer Installation | Ice Machine Installation | Dishwasher Installation | Massapequa ParkPlumbing systems work with the laws of nature, including gravity, pressure and levels, to maintain balanced water supplies and allow your kitchens, bathrooms and heating and cooling systems to function properly, all while keeping your home safe. Each plumbing system is comprised of two separate subsystems: one to bring freshwater into the property and the other to remove wastewater. It is essential that both systems function efficiently in order for the fixtures and appliances within your home to work properly.

With basic plumbing knowledge, you will be able to make educated decisions about the plumbing systems within your property, and can also make small repairs if necessary to reduce the risk of property damage. This knowledge will also help you identify any leaks or other problems that require the attention of a professional. Even the smallest of problems often requires attention before they lead to damage or flooding.

Supply Systems

Supply systems provide your home with the freshwater needed for faucets, toilets and tubs, as well as washing machines, heating devices and other fixtures to function properly. Water is brought in from a main supply system and passed through a meter in your home before it travels to the necessary areas. Cold water is available immediately from this supply, while hot water requires carrying water to the water heater, which is then warmed and carried to the necessary fixtures or appliances that require hot water.

These systems work under pressure, allowing the needed water to travel upstairs and around corners to reach its target destination. Built-in valves limit the amount of water that can be let through the pipes, which is especially helpful in the case of a burst pipe.

Drainage Systems

Drainage Systems Massapequa ParkDrainage systems are made up of three different components: vents, traps and clean outs. The vents are built into the roof of your home and allow air to enter and help carry the waste through the drainpipes. Traps are found in every fixture and allow waste to flow through to the drainpipe, while also preventing sewer gas from flowing backwards through these pipes and into your home. Clean outs are built into the traps to clean hair and grease from the drains and prevent clogging, without having to remove the entire trap.

Unlike supply systems, drainage systems are not fueled by pressure, and instead carry water through pipes that are angled downward. Gravity pulls the waste through the pipes to a sewage or septic tank, depending on the setup of the individual property.


Within such complex systems, leaks, floods and burst pipes are common occurrences that often require immediate attention in order to stop water flow and protect your property. All water that enters the property flows through a meter within the main water supply to monitor how much is used. The main water supply in your home is equipped with a shutoff valve to stop water flow in the case of an emergency. It is important to be aware of the location and function of this valve in order to shut off water flow and eliminate the risk of flooding or other serious damage.

Many individual fixtures, such as a sink, toilet or appliance, are also equipped with their own stop valves to handle localized problems without affecting the rest of the system. A plumber can educate you on how to work these valves, which should be shared with all members of your family.

To learn more about the basics of plumbing systems, especially the systems within your property, we encourage you to contact us for more information. Staying informed and up-to-date can help further improve the safety of your home, and can also help you save money on repairs. Please contact us today for more information.

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